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- Boat near Ballantrae Harbour - Sunset from Ballantrae Beach
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Boat near Ballantrae Harbour  
Sunset from Ballantrae Beach 
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Tel: 0800 021 7070




From their website: "Award winning paintball from award winning paintballers.

At Scottish Paintball Centre our philosophy is simple. Unlike some providers we strive to give you a value for money experience, ensuring that you have a fantastic day out and want to come back rather than forcing you to spend loads of cash, which ultimately means we never see you again. There are no hidden costs and you wont find yourself under pressure to take more ammo. All our efforts are geared towards keeping you within your budget. Weve been doing it this way for a long time and it works well for us.

The Scottish Paintball Centre is a member of the UK Paintball Sports Federation and abides by the UKPSF Site Operating guidelines. We are Ayrshire's only fully insured and UKARA registered airsoft site."










Distance from Ballantrae:
51 miles

Driving Time from Ballantrae*:
71 minutes

*Times and Distances taken from AA Website, based on facilities postcode.