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From their website: "Cults has a chequered history, where stars such as David Coulthard and Alan McNish started their careers. It's based on an ex-RAF airfield and the track is 630 metres long, runs clockwise and has 6 corners. A previous club ran in the early 60s using another part of the runway and ran again from the late 60s to early 70s. The current track was used from 76-84 and was surfaced in 1981 and it is this which we still use today. Our aim is to be family friendly and enjoy safe, affordable fun!

How To Get There

Coming down the A77 from Glasgow, go past Cairnryan for 2 miles, then turn left on to the A751 then after 1 mile, turn left on to A75 (both turns are well signposted). In less than a mile you will pass through Castle Kennedy, with a petrol station on your right, then a very large illuminated traffic sign on your left. The track entrance is 200yds beyond the sign on your left. Be careful as it is very easy to miss and it is just as the road bends to the right. There are two white traffic bollards, one either side of the opening. If you reach Dunragit 2 minutes later, then you've missed it.

Coming from Dumfries along the A75, go 1 mile beyond Dunragit. There's a new road section with a passing lane. Once that finishes you'll see a country junction to the left and the main road cranks to the right. Stay on the main road for another 100yds and the entrance is on the right, just as the road cranks left over a blind brow. There are two white traffic bollards, one either side of the opening. If you overshoot and see the petrol station at Castle Kennedy, then just use it to turn round.
Please take care, particularly coming from Dumfries, as the A75 has some pretty fast traffic.

The track set up is very informal so just park anywhere and you'll be made very welcome."










Distance from Ballantrae:
18 miles

Driving Time from Ballantrae*:
24 minutes

*Times and Distances taken from AA Website, based on facilities postcode.